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Hello all.

This is the first blog post for The Restaurant Marketing Expert ™ .

My name is Dikran Iskenderian and for those of you who don’t know me I am one of the co-owners and family member of the Zankou Chicken brand of family-run restaurants here in southern California.

I will be launching my book in 2016 and be speaking publicly sooner (in early 2015), so this post is the launch of that aspect of what I wish to be doing in the near future and more broadly speaking, in terms of my book I will post here periodically. This is a great opportunity with quality people to be able to connect with me. I want to tell everyone I love meeting interesting, exciting, positive, and emphatically driven people. It inspires me. And I certainly hope to inspire you with my speaking and book very soon. The reason why I plan on speaking before my book comes out is to both meet lots of friendly people that share common interests as me in this field and to gauge the public’s appetite for the subject matter I intend to write about. Speaking publicly on it will help me know which chapters to focus on and what parts to keep short.

And life itself is short, and sometimes money is not enough to keep us happy. That connection we all crave and how we can positively impact each others’ lives is very important to me.

So let us start with a simple question I pose to you, the reader. What kind of topics would you like to hear about through my speaking or as a possible chapter in my book? Since I have owned and operated restaurants for over 25 years now and helped lead the charge of such a beloved and recognized brand such as Zankou, I can honestly say your feedback has always made a difference to me and changed the course of how I market what I do. I will also post a few things about Zankou and how we do things and get feedback about that as well. I will give insider tips on how to market your restaurant effectively. All that I ask is that you not open a chicken restaurant across the street from us with all the information you take from here.

I look forward to hearing from you. I will reply to everyone.

Thanks again and welcome to the beginning chapter of this new story.

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