Ideas for a better web site

I will expand on this later but this is what I am now using to re-create and expand our web site.

The new web site should be up very soon, for sure by January 2015. I will post it as soon as it goes live, but for now here are some of the ideas and principles I used to make our existing web site much better. Next week I will expand on these ideas and give you even more ideas on how to make your web site better.

Just promise to not use these wonderful ideas to open a new chicken restaurant and open next to us. As long as you don’t do that. we’re cool withs priding the great business advice here on this blog and later in my book, “The Secret is in the Sauce”. Cheers and enjoy. Site Improvements:

1) FAQ

We are going to add a few new questions and answers here.

a) How long does the Hummus and/ or Mutabbal last in the fridge? How about the garlic sauce?

Our Hummus, Mutabbal, and Garlic Sauce are made fresh daily. You can expect it to last up to a week by refrigerating them promptly and making sure the lid is closed on the containers.

b) Do you offer any coupons or specials?

We mail coupons and offers occasionally through the mail. We also offer specials and deals we advertise through our social media outlets. Connect with us here to know all the latest right here (link to all our social media web sites listed with their icons)

c) Nutrition facts

We plan to make these available as soon as we have 20 outlets or more. So we should have some room left for a Nutrition tab under the Menu option for when this becomes available.

d) Do you use any MSG in any of your products?

Monosodium glutamate (MSG, also known as sodium glutamate) is the sodium salt of glutamic acid. It’s often used as a food flavor additive. You can rest assured that we do not use any MSG in any of our products or ingredients. e) Are your chickens hormone free?

Yes we use always fresh and never frozen chickens that are hormone-free.

3) Add Facebook and Google Plus (like and plus) features throughout the site so it can be easily shareable; This includes on the photos in the new Gallery tab. These photos should be watermarked to have Zankou Chicken showing on them. Since people steal from us, and steal from us often, this is mandatory.

4) Official Blog

Create an official Zankou Blog on Word Press. This should be a brand new blog (separate from my personal blog that’s already been established on WordPress since June, 2014.) This blog can feature Zankou deals and news as it becomes available. A link to the blog can be posted on the one page. The blog itself will be a WordPress blog with some cool graphics and easy to update information I can just log in and update at home at my convenience. Since Zankou has “happenings” all the time this is a much easier and better way to update our customers and others about what is happening than having to pay programmers each time we want to post calendar updates.

We can have it so that the LATEST blog post is the one that shows under the NEWS Feed on the bottom of the Social Media page.

5) Animation

Create a cool animation. Hire a talented artist to create an animation GIF with characters about how easy it is to order Zankou, how healthy it is …etc.

One possible scenario is a simple cartoon explaining how using the Zankou Catering menu can save people time and money and will make everyone at the office so happy! It shows a cartoon calling Zankou, someone from the team picking up and bringing the food, and everyone else celebrating as soon as it arrives.

6) Pictures of wonderful people enjoying Zankou; Virtual tour of the Zankou Experience.

We can feature a few nice shots of the Burbank store, the new west Hollywood store, and our lovely customers, employees, and the neighborhoods in which we operate.

This should look like a sweet magazine spread. It should look like people are talking, action is happening, people are ordering, and they are eating healthy food while life is going on all around them. Happy, smiling faces, busy people, vibrant colors! Sitting, talking, laughing, riding bikes, eating…etc…

7) E-zine: weekly email detailing what’s new at Zankou with coupon inserts

This is developed once bimonthly where we update people as to what’s happening at Zankou, giving people useful information, and telling them to keep in touch with us. We will add new emails, keep adding new emails, and manage all our contacts through Constant Contact.

8) A link featuring the fact that we now deliver. If and when the decision is made, we must put a link with companies we work with for third party delivery systems. We can start with Stub Hub.

9) Tell-a-friend coupon emailing tool. Along with the Facebook and Google like buttons we can have a feature where you can email your friend our web site.

10) Nutrition-based “quote of the day”.

We can have some cool “tracker” style feature where we feature a randomly selected quote. Or alternatively we can write out a planned 4-8 slides of all the reasons why Zankou is so healthy accompanied by the great photos of our new food items, also with great and specifically selected stock photos.

11) Customer of the month featured on home page.

This can be a cool campaign where we feature a “customer of the month:…We can alternate this every month with a similar feature where we highlight an “employee” of the month. It’s all about the people.

12) Tool to select next Zankou city; vote

We have to feature a way where everyone sees which city is “winning” in the vote to open the next Zankou. This will spur action and energy and have more people voting for their favorite city.

13) Customer profile section: busy mom, student, business executive, organizer…

14) Seasonal graphics in background for home page: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

15) Email, option advertising; newsletter

16) Free stuff (free is #1 most searched word)…free sandwich once per month giveaway. Also can be T-shirts, stickers, promo items, giveaways…helps generate tremendous word-of-mouth advertising.

17) Better graphics, optimized by high-quality, high-mega pixel images.

18) Cleaner layout that is easy to read, understand, and print without wasting ink.

19) Optimized for Google.

Start using Google analytics and pay for a few important Google Adwords. Set up a feature where Google automatically draws on my business AMEX with targeted paid ads for our web site.

20) Develop a nice graphic for the Basmati Rice and use that on all the packaging. This should be Red and Bold. It should say Zankou Basmati Rice -OR- Zankou Chicken Rice

After this is done use this same graphic optimized to be a banner sized image.

21) Add some layers of color integration onto the web site where it mimics the beautiful new Catering menu “fade to Yellow” color scheme I created.

22) Create an entirely new Regular Menu that opens wider, and has a much better “field of vision”.

This should have beautiful and vibrant colors that include yellow, red , and bold black. It should also have creme color. The regular menu theme colors shall be red, black, and cream. It should look like an adventure book with a few stamps and a fold out like a beautiful map. It should have a few cartoons and beautiful, large, bold pictures of the food we recently took.

These images can now finally be enlarged since these new images are HIGH DEFINITION unlike the crappy old, low -res files.

23) Create a new menu board with the beautiful new pictures. The theme of the menu board should be the same bold red, black, and cream color of the regular menu.

The biggest and boldest new feature of this brand new menu board face will be the fact that it will help us UPSELL in a HUGE way since it will no longer show an image of the whole chicken or half chicken at ALL but rather feature a beautiful new Big Family Meal, with descriptions of what it includes in its place. Toward the end it will feature the BBQ Special, by itself with no number.

Burbank and North Hollywood Zankous will get a brand new menu board box that is much larger. In burbank and Toluca the “field of vision” and the menu board are slanted to the left. The positioning is wrong. This will not only correct the problem but help us UPSELL in a HUGE way since the Big Family Meal and BBQ Special will be featured 24/7 on the menu board for every minute we are open.

24) Add a “Fundraise with us” Tab. This will also have a downloadable file where people can download instructions on what they need to do in order to throw a fundraiser at Zankou Chicken. I can buy “LA Fundraiser” as a nice keyword on Google Adwords.

25) I will add new posters for 2015. These posters will feature the 4 top selling items from the catering menu: the Family meal; the Big Family Meal, the BBQ Special, and the Feast. they will NOT be cheesy or contain prices, therefore they will become a permanent feature for some years to come. They will be of the highest digital photo quality printed on the nicest PHOTO paper possible such that the images will pop. On Demand will make them and install them for us. I wild ensign the images and text myself, as usual.

26) Add a new customer profile feature of the next customer profile which is: The busy executive or homebody watching TV at home who hates to leave. It features something saying at Zankou we now deliver! It contains a link to our page on GrubHub.

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