The 12 Characteristics of Good Managers

With Ara Iskenderian

1) “They have to be orderly and they have to present themselves as organized. One who respects time schedules. Timeliness …. they have to show up on time.”

Managers are often in charge of rigid schedules and various personalities. They have to know how to manage people and schedule hours and place work around people’s hectic schedules, which vary and change from week to week. This requires a lot of organizational skills. Some of this can be learned with time and some is innate talent. As an owner you have to learn to spot who has these talents and who doesn’t. Hire people who are well organized and enjoy the nuances of time management.

2) Manager has to love giving people incentives and be friendly

“It’s like Pacman. When you run out of pebbles the game is over.”

3) Safe working environment . Has to be grounded on mutual understanding and respect, and adherence to the rules of the restaurant.

It’s not only a requirement but a springboard to launch any company to the next level.

4) Supportive: support peoples ideas.

Rules are like the skeleton and the ligaments are what moves the bones. You can’t be too rigid . You can’t only have bones…they will grind on itself. You have to leave room between the rules. You have to leave room that people be comfortable. You can’t run it like a concentration camp.

5) Disciplined.

Harm to others in the company in the top levels or lower levels is absolutely not tolerated.

There must be repercussions for people stepping out of guidelines.

6)    Transparency.

The bond between the members of the group itself. “At the same time you can’t be completely transparent to people outside the company. Where do you draw the line?” A good business knows how to guard secret family recipes while at the same time showing its personality to the public.

“The beauty of a company comes out by the gifts of management. Like looking through a kaleidoscope .

Anything you drop through it will be seen through all it’s members .

7) Caring and supportive of each other. Like a family.

“Don’t treat people like sheeple.” Ara Iskenderian

8) Sense of humor. They have to know how to make people laugh. Or people get pissed off, they hate their job, they don’t want to go to work.

Like Disneyland. Have you noticed everyone is happy at Disneyland. It’s taboo to say something against Disneyland.

Disneyland is like the Happiest place on earth, a kind of a heavenly empire on earth. A restaurant can have the same happy and nice feeling that permeates through employees and on to customers.

9) They have to not be evil. Not enjoy torturing others. They have to be good people.

10) They have to have moral principles founded on human compassion.

11) They have to believe in the rights of others. Human rights. Someone with a good sense of social fabric and social character and the rights of others. Empathetic.

12) You have to have creativity. They have to go outside of their own base camp. Your company will stay in the same place unless there is room for exploration.

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