Sample Copyright Agreement for Web Site Development

Here is an example of a copyright release contract for book publishing, art materials, blog posts, online social media marketing, logo creation, and all other promotion- related materials for your book. Different persons, artists, teams, editors, and companies may have to help with and go through your writing work until it’s time to get published.

Just like a rough diamond, all of these people and processes are necessary in order to get a fully functioning work of literary fiction or (as in my case) non-fiction. Simply remember to get all aspects, people and companies alike, to sign a release form such as this one so that you would own all of your material. This won’t be necessary for a publisher, but I will post some tips on negotiating with publishers based on the expert advice I have heard from the very best and highest selling authors in our industry.

I had to pay a shiny penny for this advice; but I am now proving it free for all readers of my blog.

Here is the sample copyright agreement:

This is an agreement between Dikran Iskenderian and ______________________________________

In exchange for monetary compensation and for the full payment of ________________ (total payment made thus far)

_______________________________, agrees to release and grant all art work and website development work over to Mr. Dikran Iskenderian. Mr Iskenderian will trademark “The Restaurant Marketing Expert “, as well as the tag line, “Inspired Learning Through Cohesive Education.” All of the logos and art work as deemed necessary for future book deals and workbook creation shall be the sole ownership and responsibility of Mr. Dikran Iskenderian.

Mr. Iskenderian shall obtain trademarks on the above mentioned terms and phrases, as well as on the “up pointing arrow” he designed and incorporated for this web site. Even though ____________________________ has helped in the design and implementation of these ideas, Mr. Dikran Iskenderian shall hereby be the sole owner of all original art work and commissioned photography used on the web site, except for stock photos which are deemed copyright-free.  All images and art will be used for future books, workbooks, and seminars without any further compensation being paid.
Mr Iskenderian will use web site material for education purposes and for his two Books which will be copyright Dikran Iskenderian , a workbook, a PowerPoint presentation , and other promotional materials such as mugs, pens, notebooks, mouse pads, and any or all other promotional materials, including possible other books or collaborations with other authors for their platform.

All intellectual property and related art materials will be owned by Dikran Iskenderian and used in perpetuity to further his brand. The web site is also open to future upgrades.

Date _________________________________________________

Signed and agreed upon in the city of Los Angeles, Ca

Mr Dikran Iskenderian _________________________________(print) __________________________________________Sign

Design Agent Print _____________________________________________________________________________________Sign

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