Mission Statement and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

We Create a Healthy Mediterranean Dining Experience

That Reflects Our Dedication To Excellence

In the Food We Serve and In the People Who Serve It.



Values Statement


How Can This Be Done Better?

  • Quality of Food
  • Customer Service
  • Restaurant Appearance & Atmosphere
  • Honesty, Teamwork & Management Support of our Employees


Vision Statement


Be the Best We Can Be, and Better than Anyone Else in Providing a Healthy Mediterranean Dining Experience!

Create a Business that has an Extraordinary Sustainable Value for the Iskenderian Family

Governance Triangle

Provides a clear definition of roles, Defined and measured responsibilities, Open, honest, and timely communication, Actions that build value, and High level on direction, priorities, and culture.

  • Owners – Clear Vision of the Outcome Desired
    • What outcome do the owners want personally from owning the business and when do they expect to achieve it?
    • What does the business need to become so that it delivers the outcomes the owners want?
  • Board – Serves at the pleasure of the Owners and CEO. Represents the Wishes and Values of the Owners and Supports the CEO by Providing Industry Knowledge and Operational Expertise
    • Committed Members who:
      • Understand and Meet the Owner’s Expectations
      • Create a Process to Evaluate the Business, Management, CEO and Itself
    • Provide Oversight, Collaboration With, and Support of Management.
  • CEO & Management – What is the game, how do we play it, and do we keep score.
    • Creation and implementation of the vision;
      • Where are we going?
      • Why are we going there?
      • How are we going to get there?
      • Who is going to help us get there?
    • The creation and execution of strategic and operational plans.


“The things that got you to where you are today

are not the things that will get you to the future.”

  • Peter Drucker

Extraordinary Sustainable Value




  1. EBITDA performance and gross margin strength
  2. Effective business disciplines
  3. Long-term attractiveness of the markets served
  4. Excellent CEO and management team who create a strong culture
  5. Predictable revenues from products and customer relationships

The Five Challenges to Creating Extraordinary Sustainable Value:

  1. Survival – Faced with increasing internal and external challenges, including people, systems, decision-making, and financial.
  2. Value Trap – Owners inability to increase value, and doesn’t have enough value to sell.
  3. Decision Process – Making decisions in a vacuum, fighting for short-term survival instead of long-term success. No strategic plan.
  4. Alignment/Execution – Owners not aligned on strategy and may not have “one voice” from owners to management.
  5. Exit Plan – failure to align company’s capabilities and position to appeal to targeted investors.

Copyright Zankou Chicken, Inc 2015

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