Copyright Release Form

This is an agreement between ____________________________________ and _______________________________

dated today, ________________________________________, in the city of __________________________________ and the state of

__________________________________________. The hired party shall be considered a paid contractor and shall not

retain copyrights or claims on this project after full payment is received. Any art, photography, concepts and ideas throughout the course of this project shall be owned by Mr. Dikran Iskenderian and/or Zankou Chicken Inc. upon the completion of the project, provided that full payment has been received. This payment shall be considered full and fair consideration under the laws of the state of California.

In exchange for acceptable compensation, which for the purposes of this contract shall be considered full and fair consideration toward contract fulfillment, the hired party shall be releasing all rights, privileges, and title and claim to intellectual properties, logos, colors and fonts, photography, schemes, designs and trademarks affiliated with the creation of this project. Once full payment has been made, the paid party agrees to no longer distribute these works in any form or fashion, whether that be physical or electronic, except to show their previous work for future clients, and in such cases this work must be watermarked so as to not be reproduced. The watermark shall say “Copyright Zankou Chicken, Inc” and it should make up at least 30% of the digital file.

This compensation, in full, shall be _________________________________________________. The funds shall be distributed evenly throughout the project, and this will have no bearing on the release of copyrights towards this project as long as it has been paid in full. If the project takes three months, payment shall be divided into three months. We will revise and improve upon each image for a total of three revisions, which are included in this project.

The paid party shall provide all help, passwords, files, and future technical help as is required for the fulfillment of said project, and in any future situation where such help is needed or requested shall provide it within 2 business days or less. The creative work can be used by the party that has hired this agent for any purpose, including but not limited to:

web site creation and maintenance, promotional materials such as mugs and mouse pads, T-shirts, books and workbooks, educational materials, power point presentations, electronic PDF files for distribution online…etc.  We reserve the right to alter said artwork in the future, patent and trademark it, improve upon it, and or change colors and tones after full payment has been made.

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