Jameca’s List

On Restaurant Marketing:

1)     Interview with Zankou Chicken’s Marketing Director Dikran Iskenderian (combine biography update with the 2 Dikran chapters)

2)     12 Tips on How to Increase Customer Satisfaction in the Restaurant Industry (CRM) DONE

3)      9 Questions That Help Determine Price Strategy **

4)     To Franchise or not to Franchise?

5)    The 12 Characteristics of Great Managers

6)    The Yin and Yang of Yelp (combine the best of Yelp chapters in this lecture)

7)    The Pros and Cons of Delivery

8)   Principles of Strategic Business Marketing with Vartkes Iskenderian

9)   52 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales

10)   Secrets of Exponential Growth

11) Locations, Landlords, Leases and Lawyers

12) Organizing and Creating Great Menus *****

13) Risk Management: How to Keep costs down for Workers’ Comp Insurance Premiums.

14) The 12 Methods to Reducing POS errors

15) The New product Life-cycle

General Business

1) The 12 Styles of Leadership

2) Why the customer is always King

3) Customer Relationship Management

4) Why Teams (and not money) Make the World go Round

5) The Power of Reciprocity

6)  Is Good leadership a Marketing Role?

7) Why The Customer is Not Always Right

8) Fundamentals of having a “Legacy Business”

9) Are Coupons Good for Business?

10) Maximum Wages for Minimal Skill? How to mitigate the risks associated with mandatory minimum wage increases

11) The Different Pricing Strategies Explained ****

12) The 12.5 S’s of Leadership

13) The Art of Negotiation

14) What is Branding and what does it entail?

15) 10 ways to throw a great Grand Opening

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